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JT Media offers a variety of audio services. We are proud to work with all budgets. Please contact us for details, and rates.
  • A good record always starts with a great recording! Using some of the top-of-the-line equipment in the industry, Joe is able to achieve balanced, and clear audio recordings 

  • Joe's analog-digital hybrid workflow allows him to capture a variety of sonic timbres

  • Having studied under some of the top mix engineers in the business, Joe understands the importance of a solid mix!

  • Using high quality monitoring, and a variety of software/hardware processors, Joe is able to create exciting, and dynamic mixes for music, video, and other types of audio media

  • Accidents happen during the recording phase of a project! Let Joe clean up your audio using industry standard software

  • From cutting out pops/clicks on a drum track, to removing wind from dialogue recordings, Joe is able to restore your audio files, for use in a variety of platforms

  • Mastering is typically the final stage of an audio project. Nonetheless, it's an important phase that requires great attention to detail, and a well-trained ear

  • Joe has over 5 years of experience mastering audio professionally, and is proud to continue offering this service to clients

  • Joe began his audio journey at the young age of 12, recording household objects using a portable recorder

  • Always having a passion for sound as an art form, Joe has continued to study, and perfect the art of sound design for film, television, and game

  • Joe has a M.A. in Sound Design, and continues to educate students in the Audio Post field.

  • Joe has been scoring for media for the last 5 years, and holds a M.A. in Music Scoring for Visual Media 

  • From epic-action and big-band, to edm and hip-hop, Joe is able to provide clients with high quality compositions, to enhance their project

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